I'm Margaret - the Inventor of HairStixies

Necessity is the mother of invention


My Story

Idea Strikes Mid-Pandemic

I was staring in disgust at my shower wall during the summer of 2020. Hair was everywhere – gross, but it’s better than letting hair fall into the drain was my logic. I was a pandemic bride, and our wedding celebration was postponed so my calendar freed up a bit. Like many others in quarantine, I spent more time than usual cleaning and thinking. One day while looking at my hair-filled shower wall I thought there has to be a solution to this problem – and then it hit me – the idea for HairStixies. At first, I let the idea go, but then it kept coming back to me. I had never created a product before but with the world turned upside down I figured why not! So, I spent the next two+ years researching, iterating, testing, designing and inventing the HairStixies product which is now patented.

Health Journey

In the middle of building HairStixies I started on an unexpected health journey to improve my thyroid function in preparation to start a family. I realized there might be more to the reason for my excessive hair shed (hair loss can be a symptom of thyroid issues). I discovered functional medicine and acupuncture which have changed my life. Not only has my health and thyroid function improved but my hair shedding as well! My husband and I are excited to announce we welcomed our first child in December.

A New Product is Born

I’m excited to finally share HairStixies with you and have a solution for the shower (my husband certainly appreciates what I've invented too – unclogging hair-filled drains is not at the top of his list which he has done more times than I want to admit).

Here’s to improving your shower routine.